The Big Adventure

Long distance motorcycle tours are refreshing and challenging for mind and body. Strange food, unusual customs, rough terrain, failing electrical and mechanical systems and local law enforcement keep the rider constantly out of their comfort zone and make the experience unique and quite unforgettable.

7 Day North Vietnam Ride (2012)

Ride Report

4 Month Switzerland Mongolia Ride (2015)

Week 1: Switzerland to Hungary

Week 2: Hungary to Turkey

Week 3: Turkey

Week 4: Turkey

Week 5: Turkey to Georgia

Week 6: Georgia

Week 7: Georgia to Azerbaijan

Week 8: Azerbaijan

Week 9: Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan

Week 10: Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan

Week 11: Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan

Week 12: Kyrgyzstan

Week 13: Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan

Week 14: Kazakhstan to Russia

Week 15: Russia to Mongolia

Week 16: Mongolia

Week 17 & 18: Mongolia